Work Experience at UCML

(Posted on 14/07/15)

Work Experience at UCMLUCML are very happy to welcome their first ever work experience placement student. Arran Jones joined us on the 13th July, and we were very happy to see what skills he could show us all, and realised what he would gain from us. Before Arran’s arrival we printed of a list of jobs/actions that would be easy for him to grasp, along with some internal meetings with other colleagues. To make sure Arran would feel welcome, and to make sure he was happy, we asked a couple of staff members to sit with him to show him what their role within UCML involved.

Arran joined us from Ysgol Clywedog and unfortunately his school no longer participate with work experience opportunities. UCML were still happy to welcome Arran into our company as we appreciate how important it is for young people to gain this vital experience.