UCML Utility Studies

(Posted on 21/10/15)

UCML offer two utility studies which provide analysis of existing and proposed infrastructure.

Level 1 Utility Study:

A Level 1 Utility Study includes the provision of appropriate utility infrastructure plans together with anticipated costs to cover disconnections, diversions and new connections. The Study includes budget figures for proposed disconnection, diversion and connection works; identification of possible abnormal costs associated with existing and proposed infrastructure; highlighting abnormal legal requirements including wayleaves and easements.
The Study would be available within 3 weeks of instruction.

Level 2 Utility Study:
In addition to the information provided in a Level 1 Utility Study, formal applications would be made to the appropriate Utility Companies to determine firm points of connection for electricity, gas and water supplies to the site, and to determine the location of proposed connections and firm cost for required electricity network reinforcement works.
The Level 2 Utility Study includes budget figures for disconnection, diversion and connection works derived from firm non-contestable charges including required re-enforcement works where applicable. Timescales for provision and execution of quotations for the required works, highlighting risks to project programme would also be included.
A Level 2 Utility Study would take approximately 8 weeks to compile.