Pentre Canol, Middle Lane, Denbigh

(Posted on 10/06/19)

Pentre Canol, Middle Lane, DenbighUCML were appointed to coordinate and project manage utilities for a supported living scheme for older individuals. Before the new build in Denbigh could be constructed, UCML coordinated and project managed the disconnection of the existing build to enable its safe demolition. The disconnection works involved coordinating and managing the removal of every meter left from an abandoned school building which can prove to be a lengthy procedure. UCML however, were mindful of completing the disconnection works on time, ensuring the client’s schedule was met.
In April 2018, construction of Pentre Canol began. UCML were able to procure competitive quotations for the site’s new connections and offered their expert skills and technical advice throughout the process. As the new project will be electrically heated as opposed to traditionally gas heated, the electricity capacity for the site was far larger. Despite this, UCML were able to achieve the most cost-effective solution for the client. The project plans to offer 71 apartments with additional communal facilities, and aims to welcome its first residents by 2020.