Meet the Team

Hover over each photograph to see us in our younger years! If you would like to join our team, visit our careers page where you can view our current vacancies.

Arwel Lloyd, Managing Director

Arwel Lloyd
Managing Director

Kathryn Cooke, Commercial Director

Kathryn Cooke
Commercial Director

Andrea Holgate, Project Administrator

Andrea Holgate
Project Administrator

Andy Stephens, Project Manager

Andy Stephens
Project Manager

Anne Jones, Senior Project Administrator

Anne Jones
Senior Project Administrator

Arran Jones, Trainee Technical Support

Arran Jones
Trainee Technical Support

Carys Williams, Technical Coordinator

Carys Williams
Technical Coordinator

Casey Watmore, Administrator (Technical)

Casey Watmore
Administrator (Technical)

Cassie Longworth, Project Coordinator

Cassie Longworth
Project Coordinator

Daniel Lloyd-Jones, Development Manager

Daniel Lloyd-Jones
Senior Development Manager

David Vickers, Technical Engineer

David Vickers
Technical Engineer

Donna Jones, Senior Project Administrator

Donna Jones
Senior Project Administrator

Iolo Hughes, Technical Engineer

Iolo Hughes
Technical Engineer

Joanne Blackburn, Technical Engineer

Joanne Blackburn
Technical Engineer

John Parry, Project Manager

John Parry
Project Manager

Jonathan Davies, Technical Manager

Jonathan Davies
Technical Manager

Mike Rowland, Project Coordinator

Mike Rowland
Project Coordinator

Nichola Robert, Office Manager

Nichola Robert
Office Manager

Owen Luke, Commercial Coordinator

Owen Luke
Commercial Coordinator

Paul Davies, Finance

Paul Davies

Robbie Goodridge, Technical Coordinator

Robbie Goodridge
Technical Coordinator

Ryan Elliman, Technical Engineer

Ryan Elliman
Technical Engineer

Steffan Lloyd, Business Support

Steffan Lloyd
Business Support

Steve Davies, Project Coordinator

Steve Davies
Project Coordinator

Tsukai Mitchell-Hogarth, Trainee PM Administrator

Tsukai Mitchell-Hogarth
Trainee PM Administrator