Kelham Island, Sheffield

(Posted on 04/02/19)

Kelham Island, SheffieldUCML were asked to coordinate utilities for 225 residential dwellings contained in 8 apartment blocks with 8 additional office units in Kelham Island, Sheffield. The site offered limited space in terms of installing the utilities as it was very close to other buildings. Despite this, UCML overcame the issues. UCML negotiated that the electric heated development come down from 3 sub-stations, to 2 sub-stations, ensuring more room for the build and saving considerable costs. UCML have also saved time through negotiating with the water company. The final block holds the water point of connection, and UCML negotiated to have the mains pre-laid as opposed to having to relay them and cause further obstruction to the area through having to re-dig. In block B, UCML challenged the electrical contractor on the design of the metering enclosure as the suggested layout would have caused delays in construction. UCML made a suggestion regarding the layout of the internal electricity and this was adapted, ensuring the project’s timeframe was kept. In the below image is a picture of the complex electricity cables one of our project managers found on site.

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