Select Data Centres

Select Data Centres building


  • Select Data Centre Facilities has centres located across the UK
  • This data centre is a 10,000 sq. ft. facility that requires a sustainable design


  • Competitive quotations achieved for all utility disconnections required on site
  • Competitive quotations achieved for all the utility diversions required on site
  • 3 MVA load connection
  • 1 MVA generation connection (with export)
  • Gas and water connections

Client testimonial

Since deregulation of the utility monopolies, we all thought that things were going to get much easier and we would all wrong we were...the utilities have since become wise to the market conditions they now face and continue to try every which way they can to claim as much money as they can from us and take what seems an ever increasing time to respond; delaying our projects and causing us hassle and complications we don’t need.

With UCML behind us, we are ever confident that the utilities always get slapped into line and we get the best possible result available to us, without having to divert our own time and attention to the minefield of regulations and rhetoric that appears to get ever more complex year on year.

Stephen Leahy, CEO