Kingspan Manufacturing Plant - Greenfields

Kingspan Manufacturing Plant in Greenfields


Connection and fitting of 350kW of Photovoltaic Generation onto the roof of factory buildings to reduce net electricity demand for the site.


  • Initial Survey of existing DNO to Customer interface including characteristics of exiting connection
  • Assessed current connection agreement and energy supply agreements to ensure agreements would not affect the connection of generation and to assess whether existing metering would be suitable
  • Provide advice on timeframes required for connection allowing the feasibility of the project to be assessed
  • Interpreted provided load characteristics data to help to identify what works may be required to customer plant to ensure correct protection to both customer and DNO network
  • Made formal application to Distribution Network Operator for connection including G59 application
  • Ensured that the connection requirement was correctly interpreted by DNO through liaison with designing engineer and ensuring quotation was provided within statutory timescales


Full assessment of timescales and expected costs resulted in the client being able accurately assess whether connection was likely before Government reduction in feed in tariffs resulting in more accurate project costs and programme.