Bowes Street and Princess Road, Manchester

(Posted on 09/09/19)

Bowes Street and Princess Road, ManchesterIn 2017 UCML were appointed on a large residential scheme off Bowes Street and Princess Road in Manchester. The scheme is a phased development and will compromise of 132 apartments, 72 extra care apartments, 54 homes and a community health hub. The project plans to bring high-quality housing to the area, as part of a local redevelopment focused on community.
Following an initial investigation of the scheme, UCML found an existing substation on site. To allow construction to begin, it was decided that the substation required relocating and re-positioning to the eastern boundary of the site. It was also discovered that the route of high and low voltage electricity cables required amending and diverting. UCML’s also worked to coordinate street light connections which involved the relocation and alteration of existing lights along the northern and western boundary. The scheme is still ongoing, with plans for completion in 2020.